Quilts for Kids

A few weeks back, Ashley from Make It & Love It posted about Quilts for Kids, a program that provides…you guessed it, quilts for kids. Sick kids in hospitals to be exact.

As soon as I heard about it I knew I wanted to jump on board. I love sewing, I love doing things for others, so put those two together and you’ve got a winner!

The best part? You can request a free kit and they send the fabric to you all cut and ready to go. Fun!

The only problem? I am not a quilter. Just not my thing. But I figured I would give it a go anyway. Surely I can pull this off, right?

When my free kit came in the mail I was so excited. And really crossing my fingers that it would be cute fabric. It was cupcakes! Very cool.

And so I made a quilt…

Quilt for Kids

Now here’s the thing. Remember how I said I am not a quilter? Boy did this teach me a lesson. I thought I was at least good at sewing but after this guy I am not even so sure about that. It was like I was a newbie. I was almost embarrassed to send this back in. It’s sturdy enough, but there are some ugly parts.

The good news though-once I washed it and dried it (per the instructions in the kit) it looked much better. Phew! Still, I think I a going to need to make another one just to prove to myself that I can do better.

Want to make one of your own? Request a free kit here. Not a quilter? You can also donate $$ to buy kits for others to make. So great!

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    My son spent time in a children’s hospital last year after having a brain tumour removed. He was given a colourful pillow and a “Bandage Bear.” He still sleeps with both every night. Your colourful quilt will surely change the mood of a sick child somewhere!!!!

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    I really admire you for trying- I can’t sew a button but think it looks so fun! I’ve got to sign up for a class at some point. I think your quilt came out great- its the thought that counts, right? :) new follower!! Great to meet you!

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    Hi! Can I commission you to make two superhero capes with masks? If not I’ll find someone on etsy, email me with your answer, ray.ashley123@gmail.com , When I had pneumonia for the first time they have me a Barbie. I loved her. She helped me get through pneumonia twice and two cataract surgeries. I still have her somewhere. That quilt will give hope to some very lucky child out there. Homemade quilts just make you feel so safe and cozy.

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