It’s Your Special Day Plate

Well, we’ve made it past all 4 June birthdays in our house. But why not share a few more birthday ideas with you? This one is simple but really fun. It’s our birthday plate tradition and I remember it from my own childhood. Now it’s something I do with my own family.

We call it our Special Plate:

Birthday PlateThe kids (or mom and dad) get to use it for dinner on their birthdays or other special days.

Birthday Plate Tradition (or other Special Days):

Got an award for something great? You get to use the special plate. Scored your first goal in soccer? Special plate. Did something above and beyond? You guessed it-special plate.

It’s a simple way to make kids feel great.

I made mine at one of those paint your own pottery stores. They’re all over, but every city has different ones. Color Me Mine is a major one. But there are lots of them. Just google paint your own pottery and then add your city’s name.

Those can be kind of pricey (maybe around $20 for the plate) but turn out really nice quality. We’ve had ours for years already.

You can also get simple kits at Amazon like this one. Kid’s could even make their own.

Design it however you want! Then start using it for all of your family’s special days.

Birthday plate

This would go great with the birthday wreath too!
Birthday Wreath Tutorial

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