Crocheted Hat-Homemade Gift Exchange

Since I have been dabbling in the blogging world for the last few months I have come across some really fun opportunities. The most recent of these is a Homemade Gift Exchange put on by Craftaholics Anonymous. Everyone who signs up gets assigned someone to send a gift to and everyone gets a gift. Seemed fun, so I joined in.

My gift is in the works and I will be mailing it to the recipient later this week and posting pictures and a tutorial in July, but my gift came in the mail today. So exciting!

Now, forgive my dweebie-ness. I can’t help that, it’s natural, but check out this great hat!

Gift Exchange
Cute flowers on the side:

My 7 year old was the photographer. This was his first attempt. I had to remind him that I actually wanted the hat in the picture.

It’s a matching set with a cowl too! Serious crocheting talent going on here!  Thanks so much Paige! This was so great and I will wear it a lot this winter!!!!

(ps-if you missed out on this gift exchange, there’s another on in November!)

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