Birthday Wreath Tutorial

Happy June! It’s birthday month at our house! Four out of six of us have birthdays in June. Frankly it’s exhausting to have that many birthdays crammed so close together. At least we aren’t moving this year on top of all that…

Anyway, I really like to make birthdays fun. This year I thought it would be fun to make a birthday wreath to hang on the door when someone is celebrating a birthday at our house. Simple but my kids are totally digging the idea. They love it.

Easy Birthday Wreath

Birthday Wreath Supplies Needed:
1 styrofoam wreath form (get it at any craft store)
Curling ribbon in various colors (I used about 200 ft. total)
Ribbon wreath

Pins (small ones to push into the styrofoam and hold the ribbon in place)
How to make a birthday wreath

All you need to do is cut your ribbon into pieces about 12 inches long or so, curl it:
Curling ribbon wreath
and pin it in place.
Wreath tutorial for birthday

Make a birthday wreath with ribbon
I overlapped a lot to give it a nice full look.

At the end just attach a piece of ribbon to the back to form a loop so that you can hang your wreath.
Birthday decoration ideas

That’s it! Hang it on your door to announce that someone’s got a birthday!

Kids birthday wreath

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  1. says

    Cute idea. I just might have to make one of these. I can see them in an array of different colors…one for each holiday. I need to get to the store. Lol. Thanks for the idea.

  2. says

    Amazing! April is our birthday month, but this is so awesome, I might have to make one to keep up all summer! =]

  3. says

    That is beautiful! I love it! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  4. says

    For birthdays we celebrate “birthday week”! Little special things all week. I try to get favorite foods into meals. If there is a decision to be made (what movie to see, where to eat, most choices that involve the family) the birthday person gets final vote. Presents from family &/or close friends who celebrate like us are spread out, so each gift gets attention & appreciation. My point, thanks for this great project, hanging one on the front door &/or their room door will add to the festivity!

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