Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

At the start of each summer I usually make a list of fun ideas that me and my boys want to do during the break. That way when we start to feel bored, I have a quick go to list of options that will bust the boredom.

This year I am making my list here on my blog so that I can share it with you. Maybe it will help beat your summer boredom too! Here’s my list of summer fun ideas for kids.

Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

Summer Fun Ideas for Kids:

Things to do Around Town:

Library: First and foremost, find a summer reading program! I love this! Not only does it give you an excuse to get out and go to the library once a week but the kids’ teachers will love that they are reading a lot and best of all, you will get amazing prizes that will fill up more of your summer calendar. Last year we got free museum passes, free ice cream and meals, free skating, etc. AND, if your library is like ours, they will have fun programs all through the summer to keep the kids entertained as well. First day of summer-we are heading to the library!

Kid’s Bowl Free: If you don’t know about this, be glad I told you. Go to Kid’s Bowl Free and sign up if they have this program in your town (they probably do). Your kids can bowl 2 free games every single day of summer.

Kid’s Movies: Truthfully I don’t think we have ever actually done this one, but it’s always on my radar. $1 movies at many theaters on a certain day of the week. Here’s more information on Regal and Cinemark.

Local Museums and Attractions: At least once a week me and my boys hit up a cheap museum or other local touristy spot. Many of them are cheap and fun, but I can’t tell you which ones to visit since you don’t live by me. :)

Cabella’s: I haven’t been there yet, but I have heard it’s a great place to take the kids. Watch them feed the fish! We’ll check it out this summer.

Getting Creative:

Grow Butterflies: We did this last year and LOVED it! You can order a butterfly kit here. They send you the larvae and all the supplies you need. You watch them grow, form their chrysalis and then release them when they become butterflies. They also sell ladybugs and other creatures too.

Tie Dye Shirts: Last year I bought a kit like this on Amazon and then got some cheap white shirts at Hobby Lobby and let each of the boys tie dye their own shirts. They loved doing this and still wear last year’s shirts.

Giant Bubbles: I have always wanted to try this. I know my kids are going to love it. Here’s more info on that.

Make an Adventure Book: A great way to record all your summer fun this year. Learn how here: Adventure Books

Stayin’ Home:

Read together: I love doing this. We pick a book and I read it aloud to my kiddos. We have read tons of books together over the years and it’s really fun. Here are some of my top book recommendations: Holes (by Louis Sachar), the Bunnicula series (by James Howe), the Clementine series (by Sara Pennypacker), Little House in the Big Woods and sequels (by Laura Ingalls Wilder), The Chronicles of Narnia (for older kids and by CS Lewis), the Ramona books (by Beverly Cleary), The Tale of Despereaux or Beacause of Winn Dixie (both by Kate DiCamillo) and Fablehave (by Brandon Mull). I could go on and on. Love reading to my boys!

Hide and Seek: It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s always accessible. Just play hide and seek, or sardines (reverse hide and seek. One person hides, everyone else seeks until everyone has found that player.) Do it inside, outside or at the park.

Fudgsicles and Popsicles: For us it’s sort of tradition to eat a fudgie or a popsicle on the porch together every afternoon. Gives us time to chat.

Lemonade Stand: You know kids love to have a lemonade stand. Might as well let them sometime this summer!

Make Ice Cream: It’s great with an ice cream machine, but really fun if you do it yourself with ice and a bag or a container and lots of shaking and rolling. Here’s how.

Make a summer treat: I compiled a list of 10 great summer treats to try. See it here

The Great Outdoors:

Feed Ducks: We like to go to a nearby pond and feed the ducks. Don’t have any stale bread laying around? Did you know they like popcorn? That’s easy.

Sports: It’s easy and fun, but how often do I go out and play a game of soccer or baseball with my kids? Not enough. I’m going to do it this summer.

Sidewalk Chalk Pictionary: Easy enough, grab some sidewalk chalk and head outside to try your hand at pictionary with your kiddos.

Nighttime Bowling: My kids are going to get a HUGE kick out of this. Break glow stick into waterbottles and bowl them over. Here’s more info.

Hiking and picnicking: We picnic almost daily during the summer, but add a hike to it and my boys would really be happy campers. Speaking of camping, they like that too!

Get Wet:

Water Baseball: Play a game of baseball or kickball but instead of traditional bases you use things that get you wet. For example, a bucket filled with water for first base, a kid’s wading pool for second base. And a slip n slide between third and home.

Slip N Slide and Sprinklers: It’s easy and it’s fun and kids love it. Just turn on the sprinklers and let them go crazy!

Sponge Ball Tag: Make sponge balls out of cut up sponges and dunk them in water and then throw them at each other. Fun! Here’s how.

Swimming pools, beaches and splash parks: Nothing beats getting wet on a hot summer day. Just find somewhere and go crazy. It’s best if mom gets wet too.



Free Slurpees: Every year on July 11th 7-11 gives out free slurpees. Get it? Free slurpees from 7-11 on 7-11. I am assuming they will do it again this year. But get there early! They often run out by late afternoon/evening.

Cow Appreciation Day: If you are willing to dress like a cow for free food (which I most definitely am), Chick-Fil-A will give you a free meal on their cow appreciation day. It was in July last year. Watch for it. I will announce it on my blog when I hear about it, so follow me if you want to hear it from me.

Seriously I could go on and on with ideas, but I have to stop at some point. I am SO excited for summer!

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